Your Own Music


“If a man does not keep pace

with his companions,

perhaps it is because he

hears a different drummer.

Let him step to the music

which he hears, however

measured or far away.”


~ Henry David Thoreau

Elfje: Cinquain

was told

knew what was

got the whole bit



little gecko runs

on the walls or the ceiling

eating the insects


the wife admonished him to mind his p’s and q’s
but, he loved the pub, he loved his booze
never mind, never mind, was what he said
until he drank himself blind and was almost dead

poor Mikey, lost in a drunken fog
from his bar stool, the towns demagog
his bar tab kept the family at the poverty level
his only friend was an agent for the Devil

his God kept sending him subtle messages
Mikey responded by switching beverages
God stepped up the pace and volume of the admonitions
a nudge from the judge and the family physicians

the last straw was the kids and wife leaving
the idea bloomed and he began believing
Mikey a drunk, why that may just be possible
he was told that his mind was the major obstacle

he was given directions to meet a Group Of Drunks
their stories gave Mikey a ton of goose bumps
he had an allergy, his thinking was stinking
the cause was all of the poison he was drinking

one day at a time, keep coming back
they soon had Mikey on a sober track
as is true with most of the recovery stories
it all begins with the personal inventories

he learned that it was acceptable where he stood
not a bad person trying to do good
but a sick soul trying to become well
hard lessons learned while going through hell

positive principles Mikey practices today
he would not live his life any other way


ME and the Boss



http://ME and the Boss Recovery


p’s and q’s, pints and quarts


Great Audiences

To have

great poets,

there must be

great audiences.

~ Walt Whitman

Elfje: Cinquain

switch to

stir, budge, sway

not a short dress



Tanka: , . , 5,7,5 . , . 7,7
resentment waiting

born of an expectation

alcoholics curse

acceptance is the answer

serenity is the goal

the happy sound of chatter and laughter
people and places which we should go after
life is too short to always be serious
honesty helps you to avoid the mysterious

the healthiest laugh is directed at ourselves
we must keep away from the howling wolves
easy to do when you love is unconditional
better yet always circumvent the political

the poem is stale, not enough exercise
the brain becomes mush when it begins to agonize
poet and poem cannot find a rhyme
all thoughts have been covered with a slime

looking for happy in all the wrong places
forgetting that all of the best gifts are God’s graces
just stop trying so hard
let go and let God, just ask the bard

back in the flow, a comfortable place to go
a little more practice and we’ll be on with the show
the poet sighs, the poem smiles
words that can stretch on for many miles

a comfortable seat, a pleasant view
doing the old tried and true, it doesn’t have to be new
the poet and poem are on a roll
the virtues of happiness to extol

time to take this thought to the end
time to find a real poem, not just pretend
ME and the Boss
http://ME and the Boss

http://ME and the Boss Recovery

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