” If I feel physically

as if the top of my head

were taken off,

I know that is poetry.”


― Emily Dickinson


Elfje :


Life’s goals
Going for broke
Aiming for the stars


Haiku :

Propelled to achieve

Inspired by impossible

Winners will surface


POEM :    

(Prose w/ some rhymes and a little meter mixed in)

Getting out of bed
happy to greet the day
good thoughts going through the head
is it time to work or time to play

Inspired to do it alone
or is the team required
planning to follow the stepping stone
seeking an outcome to be admired

Stymied by reality
expense versus practicality
time to switch to plan “B”
searching for the missing key
two steps forward, one step back
trying to avoid the heart attack

Close, but no cigar
do not lose the dream
keep shooting for the star
avoid going to the extreme

And when the day is done
count your blessings one by one
say thank you God for giving me the chance
and ask for the strength to face tomorrows
song and dance.


ME and the Boss



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