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Almost Spring

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Just as

Mother Earth

compost the dead

so that the new

seed can be


the soul of

all living things

enjoys the rebirth

which is the

advent of spring.



Happiness abounds

Joy blooms with the first crocus

Mother Earth reborn




Earth tilts

Toward the Sun

Spring is almost sprung



POEM :  Equinox

When the celestial equator intersects the ecliptic

Six weeks have passed the groundhog’s shadow


The men with the top hats complicate the simplistic

Old wives tales that only the gullible can swallow


How awesome the creation of this phenomenon

Sun and earth as a part of the galaxies ballet


We take for granted that which is so common

The sun will rise and set today  …


ME and the Boss








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Haibun :
(I think)

Tuesday, the lost day

Most days have an importance

Start, middle or end.




What inspires a Tuesday

it hardly registers as a newsday

just another space on the calendar

it doesn’t even make one wonder

the only time it is considered great

is when your birthday falls on that date

Tuesday has just one chance in seven

that here on earth you will find your heaven

so if you want to just go and hide

Pick Tuesday to be your guide.


another great day

yesterday or tomorrow

one day at a time





born today,

loved forever, Tuesday’s

child is filled with



ME and the Boss






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