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I was born under the sign of the water bearer

and true to my nature (my sign element is air)

fresh air, sunshine and water are all I need to be happy.

Pictured, my latest patio project, pond with no fish,

plants only, if I can keep them alive.



horoscope is real

sun, moon, stars align with me

science can’t keep up




pond below

rain from above

the Creators vital gift




listening to the roar of the oceans waves
meditating on the meaning of life
contemplating the vastness of the sky
realizing how insignificant we all are

aware of the beaded drops of sweat on the brow
Ptolemy predicts the nuances of our personalities
but was he yet aware of nurture and nature and
are we the souls the Great Creator wants us to be

skipping stones on the still calm lake
after man has gone, will time continue on
pondering the prospects for this afternoon
wants and needs are the discussion de jour

springs melting snow creates the babbling brook
some are aware of the present, some simply do not care
some create institutions to justify their existence
others want instant gratification or are they mindless,

water, water everywhere rhymed the ancient mariner
Aquarius rules for his thirty degrees and no more
the feeble mind attempts to explain the value of
the elements: earth, wind, fire, water and void

what can be done to make this world a better place
where would we be without water ???


ME and the Boss








flowers lowes 054


Twenty-one years ago

I met my wife and I

invited her to my home

with the line,

“Would you like to come up

and see my house plants,”

obviously she was impressed.

There were many of them

and they were all alive.

We still enjoy a mutual

pleasure growing plants,

indoors and out.

Moving to Florida, USA, has allowed us to enjoy our pastime all year around.

Therefore, why not write about my garden, its plants and the visiting fauna.



Garden of flowers

Great Creators best display

His blessings and love



ecosystem brings fauna

the cycle lives on


rainbow of colors

attracts butterfly and bee

just appreciate


Man thinks he’s on top

genetically modified

but God knows better




God’s handiwork

majestic and delicate

explosion of scent, color



ME and the Boss






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