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The Challenge



For some it is no challenge,

for me,

the perfectionist,

obsessive compulsive,


creating a story,

expressing a thought,

in the fewest number of words,

confined to a form,

some which must rhyme,

“The Challenge” is the driving force,

completing the challenge will never happen,

let us begin another attempt:


HAIKU  ( traditional 5-7-5 )


feelings for others

emotionally challenged

selfish to a fault


ELFJE  ( 11 words : one, two, three, four, one)



summer warm

waters the earth

plants reach to bloom





mesmerized by the rain
wishing I were in Spain
knowing it is an illness to be bored
a feeling which needs to be ignored

being old and poor is such a pain
practicing patience with being plain
having lived this long should be it’s own reward
this moment is mine to search out the unexplored

gratitude for having a brain
even though it has begun to wane
thankful that the rain will water my flowers
appreciative of being able to while away the hours


Hope I don’t have to wait for the next rainy day to find time to be challenged.


Love, hugs and blessings …ME and the Boss








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