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lanai 029







A summer of highs and lows,
some of which were appreciated,
some that were dreadful,
better to be forgotten,
but they will not just go away,
tears cannot wash them away,
add the worse to the heartaches we call life
and try to not forget the pleasurable ones,
the great grand children,
their curiosity,their innocence,
their energy, their unconditional love.


remembering one
choices hard to understand
disease, not a choice


flowers bloom
nature performs wonders
cycle of living, dying

changes (a free verse to relieve the random thoughts cluttering my head)

what was normal has become a departure,

what was comfortable developed a deviation,

was it good or bad to change, a dispute,

was it our will to create a divergence,

or was it the will of a Higher Power,

our refusal to accept only brings conflict.




An eulogy is a formal expression of praise.

Today, we are gathered here together to praise the life of Kelly Warren Cox.

We will not dismiss the troubles that Kelly endured throughout his life

but we will do our best to bring to light those memories that we wish to

carry in our hearts forever.

A few words from the family:

From Grandma Iris: Kelly was a beautiful person and I hate to admit that,

as my first grandchild, he was and has always been my favorite.

Kelly enjoyed referring to me as the Godfather, the person who

made things happen, the one who held the family together.

From Mother Irish:Kelly had an uncanny ability to imitate anyone and everyone.

Grandma Iris was one of his favorite targets.

Although he was exasperating at times, he was my child

and I loved him as only a mother can love a child.

From his favorite brother James, then again it is easy to be the favorite

brother when you are the only one:Hanging out playing x-box and making

music with the beat machine.

Kelly never went away without telling me to be good and that he loved me.

From Sister Irish,

Uncle Mike remembers Kelly as the younger brother that he never had.

Through good times and bad we hung together and were there for each other.

From Sara: Kelly left me a note every morning, sometimes just a smiley face,

sometimes a five page dissertation. My most favorite was the morning he left a

note, one cigarette and no money saying “I hope enjoy stopping smoking today’.

And from a litany of friends who pasted on Facebook, disbelief followed by

remembrances of Kelly as a true friend and inspiration.

From Pop-Pop’s daily blog of August 9, 2014


“Death leaves

a heartache

no one can heal,

love leaves

a memory

no one can steal.”


~ From a headstone in Ireland



Unconditional love says that we may not like

the actions and attitudes of some people

but we must love the soul that a loving Higher Power

has placed on this earth to carry His message.

Try to remember the good times

but never forget the message.

Today, celebrate the lives that have departed from this earth

and have faith that they are in a better place

and that their love will live on in the hearts

of all they have touched.

Love is a memory no one can steal.

Love is helping someone love themselves.