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It Goes



These two pictures

were taken from my

den window,

the den is also where

I have my desk and

do my writing.

The birds are a pair

of cardinals who live

in the paracantha bush next to the house and this feeder.

The male is the brightly colored one, the female
is camouflaged so as not to be seen while nesting.
The pair bond for life.
These two have been around for the past three years
and they have raised quite a few young ones in that time.



I believe this to be a young one,
the colors are not fully developed.







Poetry …



It is a common greeting

that one person ask another

“How’s it going ???”.

My response …

“It Goes”,

it goes in spite of us

and it will keep on going

long after I am gone.




time doesn’t count much

it goes in one direction

never to repeat





fourth dimension

mixed with feelings

to be enjoyed now





His time was so short

His time was so tortured

He tried to be a sport

He died like his father


His soul is at peace

His legacy lives in progeny

He always tried to please

He suffered in agony


May his message never die

May his life have not been in vain.


ME and the Boss











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