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Another New Year



Hold on,

Slow down,

Wait a minute,

is it my


or is time

picking up speed ???

Time flies when you are having fun …

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t learn to have fun

until I was almost too old to enjoy it.

Too busy living life I was, never enough time

to stop and smell the roses.

Today I try to live in the now, trying to slow time down

to a speed that I can enjoy, one breath at a time,

one heartbeat at a time.




Watching the ball drop

Time to flip the calendar

Another New Year





Moving swiftly

Weeks, months, years

Trying to remember when





too young to remember much

life was an innocent blur

remembering a mothers touch

memories attempt to make time repeat


puberty, adolescence and feeling

life was full stream ahead

too much time spent dreaming

memories attempt to make time repeat


responsible parent, social animal

life was a juggling act and some dropped the ball

even though most deemed themselves infallible

memories attempt to make time repeat


children grown, usefulness questioned

life becomes rejection and loneliness

we opined we had become a legend

memories attempt to make time repeat


we all sing auld lang syne

many drink to forget

memories and time become a blur

as we celebrate another New Year



ME and the Boss



Another Year

Lowes flowers 4-09 012


Another Year …

Life lived …

Life loved …

Time to reflect

on the past …

Time to resolve

for the future …



Haiku :


Time fleeting … story

Tomorrow no promises

Today … enjoy it


Elfje :



New Year

The ball drops

Celebrate coming and going



Poem :


Specters of times past

Memories both good and bad

The years go by so fast

Trying so hard to be glad …


Children play and teens learn

Young adults make choices

Middle agers work and earn

Having lived the oldster rejoices …


New Years eve celebrations

as we sing auld lang syne

A new year of expectations

We will succumb to time …


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