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house lanai 003“Poetry is a form of literature

that uses aesthetic and rhythmic

qualities of language—such as

phonaesthetics, sound symbolism,

and metre — to evoke meanings

in addition to, or in place of,

the prosaic ostensible meaning.”



You know what I mean …


Cute, clever, deep or just a way to avoid the prose,

poetry has a history and a development that has

filled many an academic tome.

I love the challenge and the discipline of poetry,

how to tell a complete story within the structure

of the type/style of poem I have selected to use.


Haiku is a popular form of unrhymed Japanese poetry,

which evolved in the 17th century from the hokku, . . .

Generally written in a single vertical line, the haiku contains

three sections totalling 17 onji, structured in a 5-7-5 pattern.

Traditionally, haiku contain a kireji, or cutting word,

usually placed at the end of one of the poem’s three sections,

and a kigo, or season-word.    Wikipedia


Think of a story

Seasons of nature and life

A happy ending



The Elfje form originated in The Netherlands where

it is used to teach young children to write poetry.

The word Elfje means ‘Elven’ or ‘Fairy’ poem

(from ‘Elf’ meaning ‘elven’ or ‘fairy’ and the sufix ‘-je’ meaning ‘little’).

The form consists of 11 words spread over 5 lines.



Happy idea,

A complete story,

Composed by little fairies,




Notice that I have choosen two un-rhyming styles … cheating.

ME and the Boss



A Better Day



It is not news anymore,

it is all about market share,



media manipulation.

So, to occupy the mind

I write.



Quiet the noisy mind
clear away the facts
think of something kind
allow the soul to relax

Pondering what could have been
the old tapes, would have, should have
nurtured by the folksy kin
natured by what we achieve

Life interrupts as it always does
can’t live with them, nor without
is there always a because
or was there an alternative route

Trying again to seek the quiet
funny how life throws its curves
wasn’t that a riot
tripping over fragile nerves

Asking a loving Higher Power
give me a better day tomorrow
slow down the miles per hour
sunshine, laughter and no sorrow.

ME and the Boss



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