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It has been

a long month

since the last poem

the creative juices

spent trying to

keep up with life.

As the clouds roll in,

the thunder is loud

but the lightening

is out of sight.

Time to write, whether I want to or not.

A little prayer, some quiet meditation,

and God will put the words into my head,

all I have to do is smell the roses.



Thunder and lightening

Summer rains nourish the land

God provides for man




now wireless

pictures now included

can’t talk, text it




Smoke signals, labrophone, tom tom, yodel

communications without going postal

a simpler time when there were few books

where talking was all that it took


The population grows, a curse

the world shrinks and slows

the tower of Babel in reverse

social media tells everyone what you know


media influences what you think

be first with the news even if you’re not right

advertisements that stink

sound bite,

urban blight,

fight or flight,

higher than a kite,

fewer calories in a lite,

no darkness only light,

what to watch tonight,

politically correct is trite,

which ego holds the might,

will man ever get it quite right ? ? ?










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