No Lie



“And at least in poetry

you should feel free to lie.

That is, not to lie,

but to imagine what you want,

to follow the direction

of the poem.”


~ Mark Strand



have never been there

told stories of having gone

saw the picture once




my imagination

bucket list dreams

places I’ll never see





as he sat on his stool

at the corner of the bar

he regaled his audience

with stories about his car.


been there done that

drove straight through

wife and kids saw the monument

he was stuck to the motel bed with glue


pipe dreams, he never owned a car

imagination, he was never ever married

the kids grew up just fine, so he said

his listeners knew his stories as varied


lost in his brew by two

time to go home and take a nap

the lean to in the woods was comfortable

his blanket was made of burlap


the pub crew called him crazy behind his back

the proprietor was concerned with his smell

everyone chipped in to pay his tab

he was ok, off of his seat he never fell


he was a quiet drunk, very easy to ignore

no one was concerned on the days he was missing

most were quite glad they didn’t have to listen

they had their own tales of reminiscing


dear God, how many souls have we lost

drowned in the dreams of sociable drinking

lies to be told when the eulogy is read

does anyone care what their mothers are thinking


bless the few who are  lucky enough to recover

sad endings are to many to brush aside

the homeless, the suicides, the lost souls

safe in my home I do not hear those who have cried


my poem is a plea for concern

do not neglect the souls who are lost

put your heart into action, lip service doesn’t work

if we all strive together it will be worth the cost









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