In Between


“I love you

as certain dark things

are to be loved,

in secret,

between the shadow

and the soul.”


― Pablo Neruda


I was going to write only once a week, Monday, on this blog

but here it is Friday, and the bug has bitten me, in between

the shadow and my soul, and the voice is yelling to be free,

hence a ditty or two.




Ethereal being

Voice inside me

My connection to God




Define moral sense

Does the soul leave a shadow

Is it the conscience


Haiku:     (in the more traditional sense … seasonal)

winters long shadows

soul longs for eternity

life’s always too short


 don’t think so hard :  a poem … of sorts … 


don’t think so hard
go with the flow
don’t reveal your cards
enjoy God’s show

life can be difficult if you make it
trying to keep body, mind and soul in sync
life can be easy if you take it
all you need is the color pink

a silly day, a belly laugh
time to relax, rest and regale
take a snapshot, save the photograph
teach someone to love by using braille

call a friend, make a friend, be a friend
the Great Creator made this world a buffet
an honest effort is all you need to spend
please, delight in every moment of today


ME and the Boss


to feel better, laugh with others, not at others.







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