“Poetry is an

orphan of silence.

The words never

quite equal

the experience

behind them.”


~ Charles Simic





hearing nothing

breath, heartbeat, thoughts

meditation and prayer experience





hear Nature’s world

chirp, hum, buzz, wind and water

never quite silent




to the edge of silence

my mind has traveled

trying to keep in balance

inside and outside noises babbled


fear of being alone with myself

needing the stimulus to keep moving

collecting experiences for the bookshelf

searching ways to keep improving


peace of mind and solitude reached

for the briefest moment the ultimate void

the world intrudes the quiet breached

what is found makes one paranoid


a happy balance of sounds and thoughts

the mind moves in all directions

dreams and reality collected in snapshots

the world when silenced is only reflections


trying to find the silence remains a game

fits and giggles, no adversary  needed

the winner is silence as it calls out my name

to God and nature I have always conceded


like precious metals the mind is refined

experience always pay dividends

practice, practice, quiet the noisy mind

for in dying the silence never ends


ME and the Boss







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