“Yet, it is true,

poetry is delicious;

the best prose

is that which is

most full of poetry.”


~ Virginia Woolf






tone deaf

plaids and stripes

can create only confusion





no member of click

whose afraid of Virginia

doing my own thing




under the weather

caught what has been going around

having trouble keeping it together

a little stir crazy being home bound


not that I have places to go

nor people to see

hanging around the house is status quo

things usually done by this retiree


chores usually completed without thinking

no clean undies in the drawer

reminds me of the days when I was drinking

me and my world look un-cared for


what a great excuse for procrastination

how important is it anyway

can’t blame a lack of motivation

the pipers cost will eventually be paid


every nap awakens to another medication

remembering the hang overs from days gone by

feeling better, doing the meditation

body is doing its best to detoxify


making plans to get out of this slump

reading, writing, not thinking about how bad I feel

calling it another life speed bump

believe in myself, just follow the zeal


(there are another six stanzas in here somewhere,

just too sick and tired to look for them.)


here’s to the birds that sing in the spring

here’s to the pleasure of feeling well

may God take care of your everything

may you never run into that ugly germ cell


God bless and God speed …









About merb010

Spring Hill, FL, United States Two nice old folks just hanging out, not hurting a bug or anything larger. The years have been kind to us and we now we are enjoying our golden years reading and writing. We are grateful for the God given talents that we now use to help others. View all posts by merb010

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