Full Of Poetry



The world is full of poetry.

The air is living with its spirit;

and the waves dance

to the music of its melodies,

and sparkle in its brightness.”


~James Gates Percival





water, air

conspiring to dance

sounds of the earth





bees hum in solace

birds sing to share God’s bounty

the lucky man hears




every day is beautiful

some days more so than others

rarely are the good parts reusable

the spirit never lacks for wonders


the poet, the dreamer

always chasing that illusive picture

trying to be as stunning as nature

the Great Creator is always the victor


does beauty have to be alive

by design the skies and seas do breathe

mind wide open sees more that the eye

the heart, the emotions do seethe


the poet tries to make the dead word come alive

the glorious battle between clever and nonsense

the mind may be spent but the soul will survive

at what level does the writer become conscience


does the days beauty wane when the sun sets

do the memories keep hope immortal

for the sake of serenity let us forget the questions

have faith, the answers will come through the open portal


the poet knows the poem never ends

the answers always create  more questions

perseverance always produces dividends

the mind is always open to suggestions


so today’s beauty I will accept

no conclusions to be made, no arguments to be raised

no mysteries to be solved, no secrets to be kept

only God, in all of His glory, to be praised


ME and the Boss










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