No Talking



You talk

when you cease

to be at peace

with your thoughts.”



― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet






eyes closed

thoughts take time

memories and dreams unfold



Haiku:     (My way … 7-5-7)


work the garden in silence

spring thoughts create dreams

flowers and ideas bloom


Haiku:         (traditional 5-7-5)


talk grows out of fear

that someone may read your thoughts

disrupt the silence


POEM:   No Talking


nature does not need to talk

a universal language espoused

nature displays her artists smock

all of the souls senses aroused


love exists in the silence

talking confounds the moment

feelings masked or showing defiance

hiding the intent like a poet


the small mind can not remain quiet

small talk hides the unfounded fears

trying to be as clever as a Broadway hit

always trying to one up on your peers


talking to oneself can be dangerous

noises to disturb ones serenity

peace of mind need not be adventurous

closing ones mouth can be heavenly


reticence keeps the heart from shrinking

try to quiet the noisy mind

be at peace with your thinking

talk only when you want to be kind.










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