Nothing Is Free


“…”vers libre,” (free verse)

or nine-tenths of it,

is not a new metre,

any more than sleeping

in a ditch is a

new school of architecture.”


~ G.K. Chesterton




form versus function

birthed by a Higher Power

words cannot describe





usually rhyme

a free verse

is never really free





nothing is free my Mother always said

everyone knew she was more than a figurehead

when God gives you lemons make lemonade

you know that the piper always gets paid

she even knew whom I should have wed


time has passed and the more I write

I now know that Mother was always right

I’ve yet to find where I have been misled

nothing is free my Mother always said


she always knew what was lying ahead

kitchen counseling as she made the best cornbread

with little she made much by being creative

she manipulated  my mind without being authoritative

still giving advice as she laid on her deathbed

nothing is free my Mother always said



ME and the Boss



this form of poetry is called a Rondeau




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