“The poem must

resist the intelligence

Almost successfully.”


~ Wallace Stevens


More from Reading, PA’s

best known  poet . . .



Elfje: (also know as a Cinquain)



idiot savant

teacher of genius

out of his mind





her cheeks blushed ruddy

an icy chill persisted

winter can’t relent



Au contraire . . . my favorite poems

do not resist my  feeble little mind,

they tell a story that piques my imagination.

Simple Simon met a Pieman …




the world had given him a second chance

awoke him from his mindless trance

eventually learned it was a disease

finally let go of that flying trapeze

at last was invited to join the big dance


learned he could not blame the circumstance

nothing was normal when viewed at a glance

he had to reinvent his A B C’s

learned he needed no expertise


his emotional age it did advance

kindness towards others he did enhance

he could see the forest beyond the trees

his vocabulary now knew thank you and please

with himself he began a new romance

the world had given him a second chance.



ME and the Boss












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