“Poetry is

an abstraction



~ Wallace Stevens


More from Reading, PA’s own.



Elfje: (also known as a Cinquain)



no left

a purposeful distraction

only the artist knows





a high temperature

seasons begin to collide

freezing tomorrow




not a corpuscle to be seen

her face turned ashen and then she swooned

detectives would not scour the scene

for them it was just another full mooned

she was only the lovers go between

everyone told her the tryst was doomed


parents disapproved the high school sweet hearts

the self centered stud seeking his own desires

she was the enabler suffering by fits and starts

he used her by pulling her puppet wires

the delusions of love they fashioned into arts

their passions never consumed by the same fires


his conquests were often and many

she always stood by turning a blind eye

she knew the times and the names were plenty

her dreams were always pie in the sky

her best friend would not submit, would she help any

she would do anything for him, she let out a sigh


that fateful night as on the silver screen

she walked to that dark place were all assumed

she was only the lovers go between

everyone told her the tryst was doomed.



ME and the Boss




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