The Ancients


“It has been said

by the ancients

that poetry is a

picture without form,

and painting is a

poem with form”


– HuaI (Song Dynasty)





or function

words or shapes

art for arts sake



Elfje   (Cinquain)



can’t breathe

trying to survive

everything is black and white





nature has her form

survival of the fittest

are we included




flights of fantasy, daydreams
over and over the same unreal themes
the what if I were rich instead of beautiful
dancing, singing, the star of a musical

no morbid thoughts to inspire a poem
wishing the reveries were to be an omen
castles in the air sparked by jealously
life’s decisions handled carelessly

dreams, not goals, wasting life’s precious moment
my lethargy being my own worst opponent
move a muscle, change a thought
maybe today, maybe today,  I’ll hit the jackpot


ME and the Boss







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