In Slow Motion




is prose

in slow



― Nicholson Baker,

The Anthologist






run fast

with head down

no place to go





the hummingbird flits

in slow motion it’s still fast

summers brilliant gem




I still know no better

errors, screw-ups and mistakes

nickname was the flake

never needed an abettor


a Higher Power was my protector

should have died a couple of times

never caught doing the crimes

could never pass the lie detector


today is a new way of thinking

before the act understand the consequences

before the bet take care of the expenses

it all begins with no more drinking


thoughts and actions guided by God’s will

faith that I’m protected by  fairy godmothers

finding the most satisfaction helping others

working for dreams and wishes to fulfill


life, as always, a matter of choices

learning that there are another options

seeking out the most enjoyable actions

finding pleasure in listening to the voices


hopefully, today, that voice will be yours.




ME and the Boss







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