How To


“How to

Write a Poem

Catch the air

Around the butterfly.”


― Katerina Stoykova Klemer



Elfje:   (also know as a Cinquain)



lightening bugs

warm summers night

caught  in a jar





on butterfly wings

dreams and memories fly by

ethereal seasons




the beautiful garden makes me think

how bright flowers can foster bright thoughts

fountains and feeders for the hummingbird to drink

the whole world dressed in day-glow pink


the brain is flooded with the aroma of blossom

beautiful butterflies pass through on wings of gossamer

above the blue sky is filled with clouds of cotton

the children’s favorite words are “totally awesome”


the calm breeze generates thoughts of a catnap

pleasant nothings to hang one’s hat on

the jasmine vine entwines, natures gift wrap

the unsuspecting lured in by the Venus fly trap


man is the only animal that sees color

meaning Nature designed all this beauty for us

the value is more than just a few sand dollar

the big lesson is: my ego just became smaller


there is a God and it is not me

Her Universe’s design is so complex

without Him my garden could not be

and best to remember, thank God it is free.



ME and the Boss







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