The Contradiction


“Free verse

is like

free love;

it is a


in terms.”


― G.K. Chesterton






always said

nothing is free

the piper is paid





awaiting the rain

dry brown grasses catching fire

hurricane season


Poem:     “Delightfully”


nature and the weather
two safe topics to discuss
you may tickle me with a feather
as  friends, let us always stay together

walk with me in my garden
let’s close the gate on the worlds problems
let’s allow our minds to soar like the martin
every faux pas let us agree to pardon

the clouds are gathering, we need the rain
hope I’m not wrong just like the weatherman
to bad we do not live on the plains of Spain
call in the cavalry, come on John Wayne

praying for the veggie plants to produce a cornucopia
getting out the paint to color the thumb green
pleasant and wonderful dreams of my own utopia
awakening,  not wanting to find dysfunction and dystopia.

walk with me in my garden silently
let us listen to the sounds of Mother Nature
observing the complexities of Her wonderful society
placed in our memories under the experience ” delightfully”

ME and the Boss:







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