Bad Poets


We talk

so abstractly

about poetry

because all of us

are usually

bad poets.”


― Friedrich Nietzsche






picture painted

ideas and opinions

verses now being created



Haiku: (In reverse 7-5-7,  only the bad poet takes poetic license.)


the babbling brook speaks volumes

fed by winter snows

rushing down to the ocean


Poem:   Highly Overrated  (My attempt at writing a bad poem)


a stream of conscience

writing what appears

in the minds eye

not seeking the rhyme or why

just giving the feelings

wings that can or may be attached

to the time and place of their origins


coming up for air

catching another breath

before diving again into

the unconscious realm of

smokey clouds, that on passing

allow glimpses of sunlight and clarity

to peak through


drifting along on the pleasant dreams,

fantasies that makes this world bearable,

trying to ignore the necessary formalities,

meditating in silence as the

world passes me by,

alas, reality is very very highly overrated . . .



Moral: Don’t take yourself too seriously.


ME and the Boss







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