Spiritual Wellspring


“Reclaiming the sacred

in our lives

naturally brings us

close once more to

the wellsprings of poetry.”


― Robert Bly






teeter totter

on the fence

make up your mind





torrential downpour

more rain than the ground can hold

spring gully washer




the table levitated at the seance
from this world to another by conveyance

how many souls are there in limbo
is there a special place for the hero

when the body dies is there a lingering spirit
while channeling must one be coherent

did parapsychology invent the poltergeist
such supernatural talk the bane of the theist

the backward collar a symbol of the clerical
a uniform designed by the monks chimerical

did Serling invent the twilight zone
do you know what they will put on your tombstone

can you differentiate between the nightmare and the dream
did Edvard Munch picture you when he painted the scream

the supernatural tale relies on the final twist
the question is:  do we really exist . . . ? ? ?


ME and the Boss









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