Buy The Book


“I’ve had it

with these cheap

sons of bitches

who claim they

love poetry

but never buy a book.”


~ Kenneth Rexroth






of rhymes

in a library

never touched gathering dust



or is it stupidity ? ? ?




winter reminder

late blooming fruit and veggies

last crop of summer




it was a relationship made in hell
two sickies do not make a wellie
started in the room of a sleazy motel
both personalities were like Machiavelli

the only common ground was the booze
they both went from Jekyll to Hyde
tempers were tied to a very short fuse
mutual respect was only implied

the need for instant gratification produced a child
neither held a modicum of responsibility
nothing would let them become reconciled
both had no clue regards dependability

time moved slowly
the disease progressed rapidly
they took turns in and out of the pokey
the little ones become the casualty

help was ignored, denial
the sickness said they could not be told
ever perpetuating the vicious cycle
until they were too sick and very old

inherited by the next generation
the afflictions, the addictions took their toll
a small number poisoned an entire nation
a deaf ear limited the damage control

sorrow, pity, remorse and regret
crocodile tears shed for the unforgiven
what were they listening to under that headset
too sick and sorry to  seek contrition

only they can help themselves
few are they who can fight that hard
always blaming someone else
praying that a miracle is in the card

as long as there is a profitable market
the sick mind will seek its pleasure
be aware that someone you love may be the target
the law appears a weak countermeasure

with addictions taking more lives than cancer
does the world need another opium war
can the politicians supply the answer
or must you wait until it knocks on your door


ME and the Boss







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One response to “Buy The Book

  • Libby

    Yep, people do not read enough poetry. Our local library has lots of poetry books hardly ever taken off the shelves except by member of our poetry group that meets there – even we can’t read them all!


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