“I sometimes think

you despise poetry,’

said Phineas.

‘When it is false I do.

The difficulty is to know

when it is false

and when it is true.”


― Anthony Trollope



Elfje:    (Cinquain)



definitive answer

true or false

throw in monkey wrench





question the weather

nature appears as the truth

man can only guess



incessantly the waves throb
the breeze constant and prevailing
swimmers heads sway and bob
mind and body want to go sailing

beaches sought to enhance the pleasure
some seek to see, some go to be seen
experiences sought to forever measure
fertile gardens of love for the growing teen

cotton candy and salt water taffy
boardwalks that arouse all of the senses
only the crazy cannot be happy
even the bashful start acting pretentious.

oh so quickly summer comes to an end
the crowds and the vendors have had their season
what stays open the locals recommend
their favorite time of the year, they have a reason

some enjoy the heat, the crowds, the excitement and joy
others the fall, while the water is still warm,
some winter or spring their time to enjoy
they know the shore is the best place to experience a storm

the beach, the shore, sand and sunburns
memories of family and friends forever
where many of life’s lessons one first learns
thanks Mother Nature for the memories to treasure.

ME and the Boss









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