Begins And Ends


“Since when,” he asked,

“Are the first line and

last line of any poem

Where the poem begins

and ends?”


― Seamus Heaney


Elfje:    (Cinquain)



when, where

at the beginning

does it ever end





rain, rain, too much rain

nature doesn’t know balance

next season is drought





If I could be a poem
What would I want to say???
I am me, I wish to be
I am life, I am death
I am the words that pray.

The poem can do anything
the poem is the flight of fancy
Blank verse, free verse
I am what I fantasize
I am the words that show the way.

The poem sings, the poem dances,
the poem gives one many chances,
to be me, to hope to be
I am living, I will be dying
I am the words that stay.

ME and the Boss








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