Your Gaze


“Your gaze

has enchanted

my heart

with a poem

no one could

ever write.”


~ Rumi


Elfje: (Cinquain)


My heart
Enchanted by you
Words fail to explain




I wish, may I please
to give you beautiful joy
to enchant your soul



inspired to communicate,
to share ones feelings,
to motivate in the positive,
to be the soul
your Higher Power
wants you to be,
no rhyme,
no reason,
just because you can

written, spoken, body language,
conveying ones thoughts,
confirming the affirmative,
to be the mortal
my Higher Power
wants me to be,
there is a rhyme,
there is a reason,
just because I can

sharing experience, strength and hope,
never wanting to forget where we came from,
to stay in the positive,
to be the person
our Higher Power
wants us to be,
His rhyme,
His reason,
just because He can

and we must

ME and the Boss








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