“Your shadow

in the morning

striding behind you

Or your shadow

in the evening

rising to meet you;”


~ T S Eliot’s ‘Wasteland’


Elfje: (Cinquain)



traveling forward

going almost everywhere

stopped by my mind





winters short shadows

natures very own time clock

summers long shadows




looking for the bright side
wanting to share the love
having a kind friend as a guide
I think He is from above

the sheep follow the religion
the books they interpret for their cause
of love He needs just a smidgen
maybe there are just too many laws

always doing the next right thing
speaking from the heart not the brain
upon a star my hope does swing
no need to rely upon shadowy arcane

every thought is a  prayer
as long as you don’t ask for much
a secret oath the world should swear
hugs only with a very soft touch

opining for a trend worldwide
a good deed to be proud of
to rid the world of the acrimonious
to have all hearts and souls harmonious

share the love
be the love
follow your heart
always do your part


ME and the Boss









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