Haiku On Twitter

“So I don’t think

I’ll make Poet Laureate,

but I swear I’m not

twisted and bitter

If finely-wrought talents

don’t weigh in the balance,

I can always write

haiku on Twitter.”


― Rosy Cole



Elfje:       (Cinquain)



verses function

prose and rhymes

written from the heart





written words of praise

cannot explain the seasons

nature or reasons




maybe I am just a lunatic
the moon looming as a subject
the witch crossing its face on a broomstick
my feeble mind in a total disconnect

waiting for the cow to cross over
saw the fork elope with the spoon
rover, rover cross through the clover
if it were June would I swoon or croon

childhood memories in a scramble
events twisted by the fragile ego
emotional harms overshadow the gambol
fantasies to celebrate the grandiose libido

a dark stormy cloud obscures the man
guess I’ll return to believing I’m Peter Pan



ME and the Boss









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