Inspired Talent


Talent is a faucet.

When it is on,

one must write.

Inspiration is a farce

that poets have invented

to give themselves



~ Jean Anouilh






begats itself

words need partners

imagined images made real

inspired                                        ( or is that “talented”  ? ? )




cold north’rn clipper

winter descends abruptly

natures call to sleep




happy eyes say glad to see ya
the smile echoes the feeling
wonderful greetings that shout aha
the giggles, the laughs, the squealing

so we don’t speak the same language
the body knows you’re a friend
being cute does have it’s advantage
the heart doesn’t like to pretend

the warm fuzzies that make memories last
a tender touch that makes two into one
contentment  and sentimentality unsurpassed
nothing can ever be lost in translation

who needs words    ? ? ?
friends for a day, friends for a lifetime
hate and anger are for the birds
let the moment say, “will you be mine”

have a friend, be a friend, smile
know that sharing makes this life worthwhile

ME and the Boss









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