Emotional Concept


“One writes a poem

when one is so taken up

by an emotional concept

that one is unable

to remain silent.”


― Stephen Dobyns






a thought

from the heart

that energizes the body





ashes to ashes

the seasons recycle good

nature never wastes




Sorry doesn’t cut it
mistakes can be avoided
thinking is not where you sit
excuses among the disappointed

Sorry has a meaning that is right
wretched, poor, useless, or pitiful
the drunken bum was a sorry sight
for many souls this status is typical

Sorry then becomes a choice
to feel regret for someones troubles
or to seek a way out of your patois
excuses  to avoid your selfish struggles

Sorry is to be used when you mean it
not spoken to cover your lies
don’t use the word as a habit
to use other words would be wise

and when all else fails
“excuse me” will usually do


Note: When someone tells me they are sorry,

I usually agree with them, using the right definition.



ME and the Boss










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