The Crazy Thing


“The crazy thing

about poetry

is how

its simplicity

makes it complicated.”


― Richelle E. Goodrich





more that

you give away

more you will receive





brown fields gently sleep

spring rains awakens their souls

colors shout new life




winner, winner
chicken dinner
sometimes a win is a loss
a rolling stone gathers no moss

who’s keeping score anyways
are you always seeking praise
if you mind, does it matter
if it matters, should you mind

Geisel thrived on nonsense
who lives in your subconscious
can you say you’re in your right mind
or do you listen to the mind chatter

remember, God knows what you are thinking
is the thinking stinking from too much drinking
blessed to know the things I can change
it is the attitude that  we can rearrange

the moral, the lesson, don’t think too much
life is best lived with a soft touch

ME and the Boss








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