Death and Commas



“Poets are

interested primarily

in death and commas. ”


~ Carolyn Kizer






colon, period

grouping words grammatically

sentences, clauses and phrases





all things diappear

returning to Mother Earth

food  for the future




life and ampersand


in conjunction , &, but, if
immortalized in a glyph
science defines the living
with just a few links missing

poetry fills in the voids
using words that were Freud’s
ego, superego and id
excluding those living off of the grid

you’re OK, I’m OK
a few civil laws to obey
creating more than death and commas
dreaming of living in the Bahamas

a poem a day keeps the doctor away
keeps the mind from turning gray
smile, life is not all commas and dramas
think cozy, snug in your warm pajamas

it’s always time to enjoy a conjunction
happiness is basking in the realm of dysfunction
and, if, maybe; always get in the last word
but, don’t ever forget that bloomin’ password

poetry is not all death and commas
poetry is paying tribute to our Momma’s

ME and the Boss








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