Beauty, Wisdom and Truth


“Poetry and art

nourish the soul

of the world with

the flavor-filled

substances of beauty,

wisdom and truth.”


― Aberjhani


Elfje:   (Cinquain)



harsh, strident

acoustical echoes clash

street aromas added throughout





cool air morning rime

winters hand refuses to fade

flowers, birds protest




Beauty, Wisdom and Truth


the fat cat sleeps at her feet
morning light enters her chamber
noises begin to rise from the street
the fireplace glows with it’s last ember

nights filled with pleasant dreams
her many years filled with pleasure
fields of plenty beside flowing streams
the memories which are her treasure

like many she has loved and lost
yet she would not let her heart be broken
she knew her stars were crossed
yet no mean words were ever spoken

she arises giving gratitude to God
arms stretched wide to welcome the sun
eyes glinting with happiness, the smile ever broad
always able, ready and willing to have some fun

mother of my children, grandmother to theirs
always and ever the answer to my prayers



ME and the Boss









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