“I have

no riches

but my thoughts,

Yet these are

wealth enough

for me”


~ Sara Teasdale


Elfje: (Cinquain)



emotions shared

time spent together

common bonds, mutual pleasures





winter hot, spring cold

natures rhythm run amuck





what stirs the emotions
fluffy white clouds against an azure blue sky
the birds and the bees singing and buzzing
should I laugh or should I cry

do hearts have feelings
is it sad or am I happy
tears of remorse, tears of joy
must the words always be sappy

events accompanied by somesthesia
visible, audible, aromatic or tactile
vivid memories and thoughts subliminal
will they continue when we become senile

are feelings sensual or are they intuitive
are passions the product of nurtured or nature
the sick shut down the emotional stream
no longer human, a thoughtless cold creature

be moved, be human, enjoy God’s creations
His greatest works are emotionally inspiring


ME and the Boss








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