Curious Prosodic Fauna


“Every poet has

his dream reader:

mine keeps a look out

for curious prosodic fauna

like bacchics and



~ W.H. Auden



Elfje;     (Cinquain)



happy vino

dripping with honey

seeking the deviant pleasure





the vine slowly twines

natures cornucopia

fruits red, white and blue




soothing gurgle of the fountains water
butterflies bobbing by
every soul nods an imprimatur
the background a clear blue sky

the gardner paints a living pallet
flowers arranged by size and color
protected from vermine by a small vallate
no defense against the creepy crawler

sunset visits from hummingbirds
migrating robins stop for a bite
a contented smile needs no words
all heads turn to follow the light

lucky the soul who enjoys God’s gift
natures flora and fauna displayed
happy are those with a gratitude list
knowing that nothing at all is man-made



ME and the Boss








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