“One can not

understand language

because language cannot

understand itself;

does not want to



~  Novalis



Elfje: (Cinquain)


hidden meanings
innuendo and hyperbole
did I say that




looking out window
spring appears so inviting
sudden snow shower




the old man mumbled on
understanding that the know it alls
were not even paying attention
he might as well been talking to the walls

the young egos want to be important
unaware that there is nothing new under the sun
God incidents with His will accordant
acknowledging His humor invented the pun

before the lesson was finished,
he stopped, smiled, shook his head
was his era the last good vintage
their training received behind the woodshed

the only thing new are the different weapons
the same fear, jealousy, greed, ignorance
the world run by a bunch of sleazy felons
the masses operating on total indifference

some things and time just change faces
portraits lining the board room walls
food, clothing and shelter to cover the masses
lobbyist pulling the strings on their political dolls

the sentiments are hundreds of years old
so what’s the use of complaining
just do as you have been told
and to the elderly be entertaining

what to do but to laugh and love
dodge the bullets and pay the taxes
lots of prayers to a Power above
and blame everything else on the circumstances



ME and the Boss










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