The Language Of The Soul



“Poetry is the language of the soul;

Poetic Prose, the language of my heart.

Each line must flow as in a song,

and strike a chord that rings forever.

To me, words are music!”


― Lori R. Lopez



Elfje:           (Cinquain)



in vain

not an oath

very poor language skills





crickets loud chirping

pollen thick enough to see

soon summer will bloom




he skipped the rock across the pond
reflecting how his life did the same
with each touch ripples were spawned
like scions to carry on the family name

the undulations distorted his reflection
his memory was likewise confused
wandering, he sought some direction
his soul was very tired and abused

he was not growing old gracefully
he regretted the youth he had wasted
the ego was always acting ostentatiously
his habit was to always be inebriated

could there be another way of living
would another fox hole prayer work
should the world be forgiving
was this the prelude to going berserk

in real life there are no coincidences
a man with a plan crossed his path
just another of God’s mysterious incidents
a solution to calming his insane wrath

there was a book to give him guidance
a fellowship to welcome him home
he learned to live within the silence
how to survive the complex syndrome

holding on to his new found discovery
enjoying the life of a blessed recovery


ME and the Boss








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