Speak Wildly


“The poet knows

that he speaks


then, only when

he speaks somewhat



― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Elfje:    (Cinquain)



minds eye

what could be

listening to the silence





gurgling fountains

pond covered with lily pads

croaking frogs chime in



why argue,
does anyone remember
how to have a discussion,
debate has become a monologue

arbitration skills long forgotten
ignorance leads to a temper shorten
does he who yells the loudest win
isn’t anger and rage a deadly sin

is it the ego that says we can’t be wrong
is it the will that must be strong
or is it just a deep seated need to dramatize
what does it take to compromise

for some it seems to be just a bad habit
for a covey it’s just another sabbat
an addicts need to be antisocial
paranoia that grows exponential

be wise, keep your mouth shut
a flappy jaw will expose your butt
arguing with the idiot makes you the moron
think outside of the box, be the sharpest crayon

engage the brain before running the mouth
be sure to speak only the truth
if you must argue, for God’s sake
be a humble loser and buy the cake


ME and the Boss










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