Poetry Is Also Food


“If food

is poetry,

is not poetry

also food?”


~ Joyce Carol Oates



Elfje:    (Cinquain)



necessary evil

essential to life

from starved to gluttonous





the evening air cools

sunsets behind golden clouds

night sounds come alive




food for thought
what should have been taught
slang has no part in elocution
language being a part of one’s constitution

talk like an uneducated thug
the message becomes all humbug
ugliness is the vulgar rap
head the wrong size for a thinking cap

sweet nothings a foreign language
to speak the truth takes courage
to parse words takes a lawyer
Mark Twain spoke through Tom Sawyer

best advised to keep talk simple
it is in poor taste to repeat a jingle
and if you can’t say something nice
please, don’t say anything at all


ME and the Boss









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