The English Language Lacks


“Has it ever occurred to you,’

he said, ‘that the whole history

of English poetry has been

de-termined by the fact that

the English language lacks



~ George Orwell


Elfje:    (Cinquain)



high hunidity

no air conditining

blast furnace midday sun





sun lit cloudless sky

perfect day in paradise

happiness and love




nimble fingers tickle the ivories
jubilant chords respond in kind
the music leads to pleasant reveries
a most wonderful state of mind

the vibrant colors dance off the wall
the artist depiction almost realistic
fine art needs no formal protocol
the subjects message is euphemistic

the lithe bodies moved in unison
rhythmic music pushed them forward
artfully staged in bright gold and crimson
the cadence of the heart being faithfully honored

evolution advances artistic concepts
does the human mind limit the prospects



ME and the Boss







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