Weightless Words


“How weightless

words are

when nothing

will do.”


~ Philip Levine, Breath



Elfje:    (Cinquain)



my mistake

doesn’t cut it

learn to make amends



Haiku:                (7-5-7 VARIATION)


tropical storms wreak havoc

too much water floods

man builds in the low area




words  fail too many romantics
they worry too much about semantics

forget the talk, don’t tell me
let your actions and heart be free

show me that it’s not all about you
love is not about what you think is due

a two way street is an agreeable compromise
love is never about the value of the prize

love is a feeling that transcends thinking
mutual consent where everyone is winning

above race, beyond religion, unconditional
love and marriage are something traditional

love, forget the words, they are not needed
love is when the heart has truly conceded



ME and the Boss











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