Big With Wonder



“Because philosophy arises from awe,

a philosopher is bound in his way

to be a lover of myths and poetic fables.

Poets and philosophers are alike

in being big with wonder.”


~ Thomas Aquinas



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



don’t wonder

off too far

you might get lost



Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)


love is the feeling

not always a two way street

do-over allowed




my heart went out to Rebecca Joy
a puppy love with mixed emotions
she was the queen, I was the toy
she was the object of all of my devotions

my dreamy lust chased after Amanda Sue
raging hormones of the blooming youth
she saw me as another animal in the zoo
my gratification was not always the truth

third time was a charm, John Barleycorn
loved the feeling, out of control
he loved me back, I thought I was reborn
his was a life sentence, no chance for parole

love turned black, I hated myself
false relationships with drinking partners
selecting booby prizes from the bottom shelf
blaming others, we all became accusers

God did for me what I could not do
I awoke among a gaggle of drunks
they put me on a boat with a sober crew
new feeling arose, starting with goose bumps

cleared the wreckage of the past
began the relationship with a new self
unconditional at first, finally, a new love at last
new prizes selected from the top shelf

new relationships that no longer begin with me, me, me
learned to listen, keep the mouth shut, began to see
one day at a time, knowing gratitude is the key
serene and peaceful is what I want to be

love now comes in all shapes, sizes and names
hopefully I can remember a few of them
following the philosophy of William James*
being grateful for what God has let me become



ME and the Boss


*Acceptance of what has happened
is the first step to overcoming the
consequences of any misfortune.
~ William James







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