No Mistakes


“There is

no poetry


there are

no mistakes.”


― Joy Harjo


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



often made

only an artist

does so on purpose





ponds bright reflection

beautiful white lilies bloom

summer sun holds sway




what lies over the yonder horizon
another sea ruled by Poseidon
forest, desert or snow capped mountain
or possibly that youthful fountain

a skyline that separates earth from sky
the shape is round one cannot deny
for some the future lies in that distant place
the end of the rainbow they do chase

the explorer seeks what is over there
dashing off on a wish and a prayer
hardly a care for what is left behind
hoping a treasure they will find

most souls never notice the horizon
never search the sky for Orion
life is lived right under their nose
the whole world exist under their toes

can you be the poet, the dreamer
the wannabe, the schemer
expand your world, make it widen
search for both sides of the horizon




ME and the Boss








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