Whatever It Is


“I am solitary

as grass.

What is it I miss?

Shall I ever find it,

whatever it is?”

~ Sylvia Plath




Elfje:            (Cinquain)



can’t learn

memorized by rote

having not yet learned





bright lightning flashes

loud thunder claps following

furious wind gust




It goes, whatever It is.
It will go on without me.
It is life, the quiz.
It is never free.

It is the good question.
It is the dubious answer.
It is the impression.
It is the brain power.

if I caught It
what would I do with It
life is such a nebulous It
living is to enjoy It

It comes.
It goes.
is It a plan from a Higher Source
It is whatever you want It to be

tag – – – your It



ME and the Boss










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