Real Dreams


“Faith is the poetry

of our dreams;

action is the builder

of our reality.”


~  Steve Maraboli


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



fully evident

cannot be denied

forever etched in stone





icy chill, snowflakes

earth being held by winter’s grip

nature hibernates




sunlight on the wings of a butterfly
summer sounds of bees and birds
nature’s magnificence one cannot deny
all mighty creation to glorify
comparisons at a loss for words

human vision pales inadequate
images that the artist attempt to capture
each and every day a cause to celebrate
God laughs as we try to prognosticate
time to stop thinking, enjoy the rapture

universe reduced to mathematical perfection
wavelengths that color the rainbow
mirror, mirror, whose reflection
emotions the only imperfection
an occasional mind like Leonardo or Thoreau

whose world is this anyway
can there ever be an honest legislature
is there a replacement for religion
does one need faith to file a petition
will man ever harmonize with nature

will man eventually destroy his domain
what is the true meaning of armageddon
were all humans born with the mark of Cain
can we be content with the mundane
shall we let peace cry out to heaven



ME and the Boss








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