The Spontaneous Overflow


“Poetry is

the spontaneous overflow

of powerful feelings:

it takes its origin

from emotion recollected

in tranquility.”



~ William Wordsworth


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



ear piercing

rapping, banging, pulsating

oversized car audio system





morning chill no frost

cold air moves towards tropics

winter ebbs and flows





Tranquillity, serenity , peace, quiet and calm
destroyed by the horrific moron next door
there is no app for that on my favorite
instincts have been reduced to pacing the floor

Something is trying to teach me a lesson
can’t see the value in patience and tolerance
learning the two step to avoid depression
praying to God to rid me of this annoyance

Is this a new game, what’s it called
war, battle, shoot, maim, destroy
can’t figure out why no one is appalled
to the mentally disturbed it’s more than a toy

The console a babysitter with no parental control
addictive behaviors being fine tuned
rapidly disappearing down the rabbit hole
to a life of failure they are surely doomed

A grateful heart will never be jealous
but for the grace of a Higher Power
protect those who you value precious
don’t let the insane destroy your ivory tower

Every day will hold at least one blessing
smile, it keeps them guessing.


ME and the Boss.








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