A Moment’s Thought


“I said:

‘A line will take us

hours maybe;

Yet if it does not seem

a moment’s thought,

Our stitching and unstitching

has been naught.”


― William Butler Yeats



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



problem solved

if it works

put to the test





snow melts on the roof

icicles hang from the eaves

storms cold reminders




family stories handed down
characters and events
a legacy of disputed renown
all told using  phoney accents

the uncle who was the clown
the pioneers who lived in tents
the forest that they all cut down
the ones who worked for presidents

the maker of her own wedding gown
the aunt who gave the best presents
a horse thief who lost a showdown
the old homestead with the picket fence

embellished by generations on down
who among us can dispute their contents
never a sad face, dry eye or a frown
will future scions have a laugh at my expense



ME and the Boss.










About merb010

Spring Hill, FL, United States Two nice old folks just hanging out, not hurting a bug or anything larger. The years have been kind to us and we now we are enjoying our golden years reading and writing. We are grateful for the God given talents that we now use to help others. View all posts by merb010

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